2D CAD Software is a tool for conceptual design, which is a good starting point for most project that needs 3D design because 2D CAD drawing provides the user with a basic overview of size and scale of the project prior to 3D design

  • 3-D Software mainly works on the mathematical concept of geometry, where each designed element is mapped into three different axes: X for breadth, Y for length and Z for depth. 3-D software works by providing users with a different set of functions to design and develop a 3-D image or animation.
  • These include modelling the image or object, layout, animation and rendering service. The designed element can be viewed or executed on most modern computers, mobile devices and operating systems; however, some might require special thirdparty or vendor software, hardware or a combination to be viewable.


  • Drafting is the Process of creating detailed technical drawing. Drafting is usually in 2D format. Like Civil Engineering, every core branches needs drafting.
  • The main difference between drafting and drawing is that, Drafting is done in industrial standards and it contains more details, but in a drawing it is simply made without any standards. The method of drafting with the aid of computers or workstations is known as CAD (Computer Aided Drafting ).

3D CAD software that specializes in the design of public works and encompasses six different disciplines. This software is a valuable skill to learn for anyone looking for a job or internship in the construction industry.



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